Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear St. John family,

Out of love for each other we are instituting some new practices at St. John due to the COVID-19 outbreak in our community.

We will not cancel worship, unless things get much worse. We want you here, but if you do not feel safe coming then stay home in peace! For now we will have Bible Class and Little Lights, although that may change soon.

What we are doing:
1. We discourage any handshaking.
2. Hand sanitizer is available. We encourage you to use it, but we do have a very limited supply. If anyone comes across some please purchase it for church.
3. Everyone is encouraged to spread out in their seating arrangements.
4. Offering plates will be set out rather than passed.
5. We will not use the friendship registers.
6. All fellowship time snacks are cancelled. This includes coffee. You can bring your own!
7. Lenten suppers are cancelled.
8. We will stand for communion so that we are not all touching the rail.
9. Common cup will not be offered for communion.
10. Individual cups will be further spaced out in the tray so that as you grab a cup you will not accidentally touch another cup.
11. Communion distributors will thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water immediately before and after distribution.
12. As I distribute the bread I will do my best not to touch anyone's hand with my hand.
13. If you do not feel comfortable receiving the sacrament, that is just fine.

Some of these suggestions may seem like an overreaction to you. If so please consider a couple of things: 1. It seems wise to me to be overly cautious. 2. We owe it to those who are very concerned/afraid to go above and beyond to help them feel comfortable gathering around the Word and Sacraments.

Fear not, friends. Our God is strong!

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