Friday, November 27, 2015

Anticipating Worship (November 29)

First Sunday in Advent

Worship Focus:  The Lord is coming.

Scripture Readings:
Jeremiah 33:14-16
Psalm 25
1 Thessalonians 3;9-13
Luke 21:25-36

Sermon Text:  Jeremiah 33:14-16

Enter the Days of Advent Eagerly
1.  Because God's promises are sure
2.  Because God's people are safe

Prayer of the Day:  Stir up your power, O Lord, and come.  Protect us by your strength and save us from the threatening dangers of our sins; for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Happy Advent.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service

Give Thanks to the Lord For He is Good!
Come join us for our Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service,
Wednesday, November 25th, 6:30 pm.

New Program at St. John Lutheran School

Loaves 4 Learning..New Program Beginning Now
Our school has registered to participate in a loyalty rewards program offered by the bakers of Country Hearth and Village Hearth breads, allowing us the opportunity to earn as much as $10,000 this year!  Start saving UPC Proof-of-Purchases from any Country Hearth or Village Hearth product, each one is worth 5 cents.  Visit for more information.
UPCs can be dropped in our designated collection boxes located on the table in the church link or on the table outside the school office. 
If you have any questions regarding this program, please speak with Mrs. Ellen Mueller in the school office.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After worship on SUNDAY, the Church Council is sponsoring a spaghetti luncheon with food provided by Yarusso Bros Italian Restaurant. There will also be a silent auction of pies and desserts -- perfect for Thanksgiving! Enjoy some great food and fellowship for a good cause!
The free-will offering and all proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the Merrick Food Shelf in St. Paul.

Letter from Ms. Cindy Lendt

Dear members of St. John Lutheran,
I want you to know I’ve received a call to teach at Grace Lutheran School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They are calling me for 1st grade and organ, with the opportunity to help with other areas of music at their church and school. Right now I’m considering where my talents would serve God’s kingdom the best: either here at St. John or at Grace Lutheran. Please pray that God gives me the wisdom to make the right choice. This kind of decision is hard to make, and I sincerely appreciate your input and prayers!

In our Savior's Name,
Cindy Lendt

Friday, November 6, 2015

Anticipating Worship (November 8)

Second Sunday of End Time—Last Judgment

Worship Focus:  We eagerly wait for Jesus’ coming day of judgment.

Scripture Readings:
Malachi 4:1,2
Psalm 90
Hebrews 9:24-28
John 5:19-24

Sermon Text:  Malachi 4:1,2

Look at Malachi's Forecast of Sun
1.  Be careful because it burns
2.  Be confident because it heals

Prayer of the Day:  Lord God Almighty, so rule and govern our hearts and minds by your Holy Spirit that we may always look forward to the end of this present evil age and to the day of your righteous judgment.  Keep us steadfast in true and living faith and present us at last holy and blameless before you; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Immanuel Hmong is planning to have a Thanksgiving Celebration. — The date is November 22nd.
They will have a Hmong Worship Service from 1:45-3:00 pm. After the service, they will be having a Thanksgiving Dinner around 3:00 pm, in the fellowship hall. St. John has been invited to have fellowship with them. Immanuel Hmong will provide all the food and drinks. Dress: Church clothes or Hmong custom if you have one.  Please see the sign up sheet on the table in the narthex.  Immanuel Hmong would like a count by November 15th of those attending the meal.  There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex.
(The worship service will be streamed live.)