Thursday, October 15, 2020

Letter from Bob & Julie Averbeck


Dear members of St John,

After having given much thought and consideration to our church membership, we have decided because of mobility issues to ask that as of October 31 our membership be transferred to New Life Lutheran Church, 180 County Road F, W Shoreview, MN.

We would like to thank the members of St John for all their support during the years we were active in St. John Lutheran Church and School.  We are thankful for all the friends who have shown their care and concern.

I will especially miss playing organ for services and directing St. John choir.  I have appreciated the faithfulness of choir members and will miss working with each and every one who gave of their time and talents to sing God's praises in our various services.  The music ministry here at St. John has always been important to me, and I consider it a blessing to have been able, through organ selections and choir numbers, to praise God through music.

I will still have the opportunity to play for services at New Life.  The advantage there is that there is no balcony with 21 stairs.  Everything is on one level - the organ being located in the back of the church.

These are difficult times for St. John as you struggle to reach a decision about the future of the congregation.  May the Lord guide you as you come to a conclusion which will be to His glory.

I will play organ at St. John for the last time on Sunday, Oct. !8th.  After that, if the need arises, I may still be able to help out now and then at St. John.


Julie and Bob Averbeck

We appreciate the dedicated service that Bob and Julie have given to St John over the years as teachers, principal, music director, organist, and choir director.  We would like to honor them for their service, but since Covid, we can not have cake and coffee fellowship with them.  You can call or email them to show your appreciation.  We are planning to give them a monetary gift from St. John and you can give to that as well.   Pastor Berg is in the process of locating a music director to coordinate the hymn selections each week.  If you know anyone who could help fill that need contact Pastor Berg.

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