Thursday, June 6, 2019

Focus Area Update - Divinity

On May 23rd Jim Connolly and Jim Julian met with two leaders at Divinity: Pastor Berg and the Church Chairman. Divinity initiated this conversation with St. John, they are interested in further exploring options with St. John for what joint future ministries could look like. The small group discussed the following topics:
  • Strengths of each congregation;
  • Similarities of St. John and Divinity;
  • Shared struggles in gaining new members from communities; and
  • Unique challenges that our current facilities pose for growth.
As you can imagine, there are several different paths this could lead us -- nothing specifically worth pointing out. Both congregations are optimistic, which led to scheduling a second meeting on June 11th with both church councils.

Please keep in mind that although we are excited about this, St. John will continue to focus in the four areas mentioned in the previous newsletter. No decisions regarding St. John’s future plans will be made without your input.

In closing, we would like your help in these two areas:

  1. Be prayerful. Pray for St. John and pray for those leading the focus areas; and
  2. Consider your talents. What talents has the Lord given to you? Are you interested in helping in any of the focus areas? Connect with us if you are interested by going to

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