Friday, June 7, 2019

Call Update to Congregation

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

2019 has brought the church mixed emotions. As we talk about the need for change at St. John we are excited about the new and what could be … but we are also scared about the uncertainty change brings. As a council, we are committed to the members at St. John and bettering communication methods during this time. No important decisions about St. John’s future will be made without you. Currently we are in an information gathering phase (the SAA and open forum were part of this phase). When we have a decision to be made we will meet as a congregation and have an open forum, voters meeting, or whatever is appropriate at that time.

I hope you have had a chance to read the four focus areas the council is centering work efforts on (click here or see link at bottom). One very important thing we are lacking is having a clear strategy and ministry plan. Without having a clear vision for our congregation, it is difficult to make the most impactful next step in each focus area. Because of the uncertainty in strategy at this time the council has agreed to not make any Pastoral Calls. When we have more clarity on our path to define a ministry strategy and discussions with Divinity about the potential for joint ministry efforts, we will make a Pastoral Call if that will align with our needs.

Important decisions like these never seem to move fast enough. Things like this take time and we will keep you informed of the efforts we are undertaking.

As I end this note, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. My phone number is listed at the bottom for you to call me. You also may email the church office at I also strongly encourage you to stay up to date by subscribing to e-news (click here or see link at bottom) or notify the church office if you’d like e-news updates printed for your mailbox.

Most importantly, please pray that the Lord will lead us in the direction that He has planned.

Tony Wimmer

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