Friday, June 17, 2022

Summary Reports from the Council Meeting

Elder's Report

  • We have the software for the new hymnal and will continue to print the service and will not be purchasing actual hymnals. Members are welcome to purchase and bring their own.
  • A number of pastors are available to relieve Pastor Otto of preaching and other responsibilities as needed. Pastor Otto will make contacts. We still plan to call a part-time pastor for this purpose.
  • The council discussed setting up a volunteer homebound visitation team such as we had in the past.
  • CLUES will be using our outdoor areas on September 10 for their Fiesta Latina.
  • Our Revelation Bible study will be put on hold beginning July 10 so that Pastor Otto can lead us in a discussion of cross-cultural ministry after services. All are urged to take in these brief studies as we venture into this new ministry!
  • A proposed budget was adopted to be presented at next week's voters' meeting. Financial information is available in the narthex.
  • A trustees report is also available in the narthex.
  • We enjoyed having Pastor Al at one more meeting to share insights he gained while so lovingly and faithfully serving us the past year and a half.
  • Pastor Otto's present phone number is 702-969-7911.

Trustee Report

The following topics were presented and discussed at the June Council meeting. For specific questions contact a Council member:
· The Boehlke’s moved from the parsonage to the Elmhurst Cemetery house.
· The sidewalk & retaining wall steps were replaced due to deterioration at the parsonage house by Absolute Concrete. Cost $7,900.
· Trustees & volunteers spread 2.5 yards of black dirt around the new sidewalk and other areas at the parsonage yard.
· Pastor Otto & family arrived June 10th and were moved into the parsonage on June 11th with the help of many volunteers & 3 temporary laborers for the heavy items.
· A new 60V battery powered Toro blower was purchased for use on the campus.
· Trustees & Council are reviewing 2 proposals for installation of security cameras and recording device for the campus. Estimated costs are between $12-$14,000.
· A proposal to install additional electrical outlets in the narthex & link is pending approval. Stern Electric submitted a proposal of about $3,000.
· Council is considering replacing the existing church sign with a digital display.
· Privacy & safety fencing is being discussed around the rear yard and retaining wall at the parsonage. There is no safety fence at the top of the retaining wall.
· Deteriorating cement block on the column between the garage doors at the parsonage will be repaired. Cost is $700.
· A new gutter and single downspout will be rplaced on the east roof of the parsonage. Cost is $760.
· Council has approved a plan to remove 1-2 pews at the front of church to provide more room for Immanuel Hmong's musical equipment and Pastor movement.
· Balcony carpeting still needs to be removed along with a pew. The organ facing has been painted flat black.
· We will no longer recycle large quantities of aluminum cans in barrels in the garage. This was a school athletic fund raiser. If you want a large blue barrel, just ask.
· The chimney at the parsoange & a brick column at the rear of the gym have a lot of brick loss due to ice & water that must be repaired. Trustees will seek bids.
· A new riding mower is needed to replace 1 failed unit & the old Yardman.

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