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Minutes from Voter's Meeting-July 19, 2020



St. John Voter’s Meeting – July 19, 2020

1.            Council recommendation to approve budget for 2020/2021 in the amount of $195,290.

2.            Elmhurst Cemetery update

3.            Crossroads Consulting update

Opened with prayer.

33 people present.


Treasurer Jim Connolly presented the budget

St. John has resumed Sunday services and plan to continue moving ahead.

Not sure how Covid-19 will impact us.

CLUES wants to rent ball-field in addition to the rental of the garden property.

$500 per month through October for the garden.

Updates on the irrigation system were paid for by CLUES and will then be billed by St. John for the water used at the end of the growing season.

There is little change in expenses from the previous fiscal year. 

A Called Pastor salary was addressed which varies by the number of years as a minister – (plus health insurance can be an additional $20,000 a year).

Addressed lightning strike but all has been repaired ($25,000 in losses) - $3,500 increase to insurance budget.

Budget carried – A motion was made by Tom Koepsell, seconded by Alan Salchow, approved and carried by the members of St. John in the amount of $195,290.


Jim Connolly gave an Update on Elmhurst Cemetery

Talk about Jerry’s retirement and training Jay as his replacement. Jay took over as the Superintendent but has now left the position.

Jerry has now agreed to temporarily come back and help again after 44 years of service with Elmhurst.

It takes a unique individual to run a cemetery with many skills including diplomacy, and able to manage grieving families and emotions that arise during their time of loss and planning a burial.

Accounting background is needed and understanding of State Statutes/Payroll.

Accountant was hired to keep thing in order (at a cost of $2,000-$3,000 a year).

Revenues will be going down with less casket burials (no interment fee, no marker, etc.).

Property sales are down – more cremations are the norm.

Public assistance pays $750 for the individual.  Per Ramsey County the additional cost of a grave site now cannot be passed on to the family as was done in the past which reduces revenue. 

Capital improvements = $85,000-$100,000 primarily for maintenance on the cemetery roads.

600 plus grave plots are still available to sell/purchase.

Drainage and sewer line to Rice and Larpenteur discussed which may impact expansion of the cemetery.

A cost of $9,500 for tree removal after last winter 2019/2020.

Hard to find workers beyond the general maintenance of the property (they have to take breaks from the other tasks that need to be accomplished like simply cutting grass).

Insurance discussed.

Security issues – parties on the grounds – gun issues in the past years – neighbors complain to police about what is happening. BUT all has now been peaceful for the past two years!

No one living in the house on the property to watch and guard the cemetery.


Sell? There will be a discussion at the Elmhurst Board Meeting on Tuesday July 21st   as a possible option because  “the world is changing”.

Crown of Life is also included.  Jim Haberkorn is the President of the Board and is the contact person.

Meeting was then opened for questions and comments (nothing to document).

Non-binding vote was taken for board members to consider:

               Show of hands to sell – 10 men (including members of the council) raised their hands to sell.

               This gives Cemetery Board an indication on what St. John thinks.

Business Closed.

 Derek Meyer gave an update on Crossroads Consulting

Derek has evaluated our ministry at St. John and continues to work towards options for St. John.

Overview of Listening Sessions.

Next Wednesday and Sunday there will be Listening Sessions.

Phone call is option for those unable to attend.

Paper copy is also an option if so desired.


Tony Wimmer asked if there were any more questions and Closed the Meeting with a blessing.

“May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)


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