Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Open Forum and Divinity Update

Thank you to the members who attended the June 30th Voters’ Meeting and Open Forum. We received valuable insights and feedback as we consider the next steps for St. John. At the open forum, we discussed various topics including: focus area updates, ‘deal breakers’ for a merger with Divinity, our financial situation, a pastoral call, property, and appreciation for improved communications. 

On Tuesday, July 2nd Tony Wimmer received an email from Pastor Berg at Divinity. Divinity held their open forum, and at this time a majority of their congregation is not interested in a merger or moving to a new location.

While Divinity’s decision may raise questions, we must trust in the Lord and the path on which He is leading us, and remember his limitless capabilities. We will continue to focus on the three remaining focus areas (read here for June 3rd e-news). The church council’s next meeting is July 8th. During this meeting, they will discuss the next steps for us at St. John and the implications of Divinity’s decision (including the strategy consultant and pastoral call). 

Please continue to pray for St. John and those in leadership positions. Are you interested in helping in any of the focus areas? Connect with us if you are interested by going to 

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