Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Special Sunday Service (November 19)

If you are on the synod’s monthly mailing list, you received the following newsletter segment by WELS Board for World Missions Administrator, Larry Schlomer, over the summer:

“I had no idea WELS was doing so much!” Have you ever had a similar thought?

WELS partners with over 700 congregations and preaching station outside of North America to help spread the good news of salvation through Jesus. Over 400 national pastors have been trained in our WELS world mission fields. There are 14 countries where new mission work is currently being explored. The Lord is using WELS in mighty ways as his gospel goes to work.

WELS members need to know that our missionaries and partners are reaching souls around the world so that more can join the celebration of the angels in heaven. And yet many are unaware of what God is doing in WELS missions.

One of the tools we use to get the word out is the WELS mission festival. Our missionaries and their families spread out to WELS congregations each year to lead celebrations of what God is allowing us to do together. As they preach and present, they connect you and many others to the work you support.

Out missionaries leave encouraged by the outpouring of love and support for their work. Our congregations are amazed at what God is doing. Most importantly, we are all invigorated to reconsider our role in the Lord’s Great Commission.

Brothers and sisters of St. John, we have a MISSION FESTIVAL opportunity this coming Sunday!

We are privileged to have our WELS Home Mission Administrator, Pastor Keith Free, coming to preach for us and give a presentation following worship in our normal Bible class timeslot. He will give an overview of Home Mission work around the United States.

You are encouraged to come. See you at 9:30 AM.

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